Trailer-mounted Systems

AirQuestSMT™ Walk-In

Complete, factory-assembled and tested breathing air system on a highway-ready trailer for refilling breathing air cylinders at, or strategically near, the incident site.

When mobility and versatility are critical, AirQuestSMT™ offers a singular solution. Our complete SCBA/SCUBA cylinder fill station includes compressors from 14 to 27 CFM and a customizable air storage system. The GenSet power design offers the flexibility to operate the system in the field or from a central location wired to a fixed power grid.

AirQuestSMT™ Walk-In features include:

  • Complete, mobile SCBA/SCUBA cylinder refill system including the compressor in capacities ranging from 14 to 27 CFM, containment fill station and choice of air storage system.
  • Single point, illuminated operating control center located in the operator compartment of the trailer for maximum simplicity and operator safety.
  • Isolated compressor compartment service simplified access to all indicators and plumbing.
  • AirLock design of fill station access door minimizes operator fatigue when loading and unloading cylinders.
  • Aluminum body and frame construction
  • 42″ rear personnel door for access to operator compartment for fill operations
  • UL® Classified fill stations certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders
  • Meets or exceeds NFPA 1901, 2016 Edition standards
  • EnerGen option includes all necessary controls and instrumentation so that the system can be used as an electric power supply generator.
  • Storage to up to 24 SCBA bottles within operator compartment
  • Standing room for 3 operators
  • Heating option available with cold weather package

For a guide on selecting a model for your application visit our Air System Calculator.

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