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Ranger Compressors

Ranger air compressors deliver our proven performance in a full range of configurations to meet customers’ precise specifications. Ranger’s multi-stage reciprocating compressors have a capacity range from 9.5 to 27 CFM and can be customized with an array of driver combinations, including electric or hydraulic motors or diesel engines. Units can be configured vertically or horizontally and also can be modified for mobile or special use.

The following performance chart is based on the preferred electric-drive configuration for truck-mount compressors.

ModelCFM* (LPM)HPPSIG (BAR)Weight Lbs. (kg)
RA08F9.5 (269)
7.56000 (414)1470 (666.8)
RA10F14.0 (396)106000 (414)1490 (675.9)
RA15M20.7 (586)
156000 (414)1785 (809.7)
RA20N27.0 (765)
206000 (414)1995 (904.9)

DIMENSIONS: 71″H x 34.5″W x 44″D (max) (180.3cm x 87.6cm x 111.8cm)
Weight & dimensions may vary per application.
*Charging rate based on filling an 80 CF cylinder from ambient to the maximum working pressure shown.

For a guide on selecting a model for your application visit our Air System Calculator.

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