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website maker The RavenCFS is our new revolutionary cylinder fill system. Its high-end, technically advanced features offer maximum user efficiency and flexibility with a unique four cylinder fill capacity speeding up the fill process. The RavenCFS is certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders.

Simplified maintenance, intuitive controls and a noise-inhibiting cabinet create an easy-to-use experience without sacrificing performance.


ModelCFM* (LPM)HPPSIG (BAR)Weight Lbs. (kg)
RV10M14.0 (396)106000 (414)3640 (1651.1)
RV15M20.7 (586)156000 (414)3675 (1667.0)
RV20M27.0 (765)206000 (414)3885 (1762.2)

DIMENSIONS: 71″H x 84″W x 44″D (max) (180.3cm x 213.4cm x 111.8cm)

Weights do not include air storage cylinders.
*Charging rate based on filling an 80 CF cylinder from ambient to the maximum working pressure shown.

For a guide on selecting a model for your application check out our Air System Calculator.

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