Unique Features

Unique Features

All EagleAir® products have unique, technically advanced features that set us apart in the industry.

User-Friendly Features

  • Single appliance systems feature recessed cascade controls with a forward tilt control panel
  • Superior air management with “to” and “from” cascade controls
  • AirLock fill station access door design
  • “Knockdown” control panel design
  • Graphic technology control and flow panels
  • Swing-away single appliance fill station service access design

Design Innovation Features

  • All stationary systems are designed for against-the-wall installation without inhibiting cooling air flow or maintenance access
  • Compressor purge cycle design
  • Compressor top discharge extractor
  • Push-to-reset regulator
  • Innovative, seamless appliance design systems with the capacity to incorporate customer specific options

Safety Features and Certifications

  • Licensed, nationally recognized testing laboratory (NTRL) manufactuere of electric motor control panels per UL® 508A standards
  • “Power loss/no restart” safety feature
  • Advanced, fail-safe, stainless steel purification systems
  • UL® classified containment fill stations
  • Fill station product specifications exceed requirements of NFPA 1901
  • UL® listed NEMA 13 electric enclosures on all stationary compressors

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