The New BaronCFS is introduced!

EagleAir is proud to introduce the all new BaronCFS. The new Baron features and options includes an onboard CAT system, Lab-On-Locale, three position fill and much more.

EagleAir introduces the HarrierCFS!

EagleAir is proud to introduce the completely mobile HarrierCFS! Developed with dealer and end-user input, the Harrier is the most advanced and compact mobile CFS available anywhere.

EagleAir Launches New Web Site

EagleAir enters a new era with a new website. Expect great things from the breathing air system manufacturer whose innovation and quality is unsurpassed. Keep up to date about EagleAir’s new, industry changing products by subscribing to our newsletter (need to add this). We continue to thank you for your support of high quality, expertly […]