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SafeStations combine unsurpassed performance with the flexibility to create customized solutions. Our trusted fill station design offers advanced technology and state-of-the-art safety features like our three-layer containment protection cabinet, with configurations to meet every need. All of the SafeStations are certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders.

EagleAir® fill stations are the only UL® Classified fill stations available on the market, which is a live certification that ensures post rupture test accountability for product safety standards.  Our unique AirLock door utilizes air to assist the operator in opening and closing the fill station door, providing unparalleled ease-of-use in loading/unloading SCBA cylinders.  All of our SafeStation models include control panels that feature graphic technology, grouping control and air flow components by function, which simplifies the SCBA fill operation.  Our push-to-set regulator design eliminates accidental/unintended adjustments.


The SafeStationX2 is a certified SCBA containment fill station capable of filling up to two cylinders simultaneously, featuring a sleek design that minimizes required floor space and allows for either bulk-fill control or up to four-bank cascade controls. This new design has the ability to house up to four (4) pre-piped air storage cylinders without requiring any additional floor space.






The SafeStationX3 is a certified SCBA containment fill station capable of filling up to three cylinders simultaneously.  This large capacity fill station is supplied with an illuminated fill control panel as a standard feature.






SSX4 Open - NewSafeStationX4

The SafeStationX4 offers maximum performance and efficiency with a four SCBA cylinder capacity and the versatility to fill two cylinders while loading/unloading two others, eliminating downtime between fills.  This is the only certified containment fill station available on the market that is capable of filling four SCBA cylinders simultaneously, which is not only suited for larger volume fire departments, it also allows an average-sized user to fill more SCBA cylinders in a given time without having to increase the airflow rate.

SSX275" (190.5 cm)
(95.3 cm)
34" (86.4 cm)
1200 lbs. (544 kg)
SSX371" (180.3 cm)
(90.8 cm)
29.75" (75.6 cm)
1450 lbs. (658 kg)
SSX471" (180.3 cm)
29.75" (75.6 cm)
1850 lbs. (839 kg)

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