The AirSystem Calculator is an automated tool that is instrumental in answering your most important question,

"What do I need?"

The AirSystem Calculator uses the BlackhawkCFS, RavenCFS and AirQuest SMT™ product lines for a "time to fill" comparison. These product families are used because they are Integrated Systems that include all components (compressor, fill station and air storage) required to make up a complete breathing air system.

1) Simply follow the "Next" button prompts.

2) Enter the quantity of the given types of SCBA/SCUBA cylinders that you either currently fill or plan on filling for your operation and possibly others. The AirSystem Calculator automatically generates the target volume in cubic feet (CF) and calculates the fill time (in hours) for each system model.

3) After reviewing the generated fill times, go ahead and click on the respective product family picture or title for more information.


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